How to Order

The Process:

  • Upload Your Design to Our Free Custom Gang Sheet Builder. Check out this link for a video on how to utilize our friendly gang sheet builder. Note: The Gang sheet builder accepts most file formats. 
  • Take advantage of our custom gang sheet builder to optimize the arrangement of your designs and maximize efficiency. Upload your designs and create a customized gang sheet tailored to your preferences.
  • Additionally, we offer you to purchase your preferred size pre-built gang sheet using our pricing guide  If longer sizes are needed, you may purchase additional pages.
  • Our straight forward pricing model ensures transparency and ease of use. 
  • After completing your purchase, send your prebuilt gang sheet via to Our team will swiftly process your order and ensure that your custom-designed transfers are promptly fulfilled. 

Artwork Requirements: 

To ensure optimal results, please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting artwork:

  • 300 dpi minimum
  • For Prebuilt gang sheets:
    • File Format: PNG format with Transparent Background 
    • Avoid: Do not send files in JPEG, AI, EPS, PSD, or PDF format.
    • White Areas: Please note that white areas around the design will print if they're not removed.
    • No Adjustments: We will not adjust size, layout, quality, or target PANTONE colors.
    • Avoid Mirroring: Do not mirror your designs.
    • Hard Edges: Artwork should have hard edges; soft edges or shadows cannot be printed.
    • No Transparency or Fading: Artwork should not have any transparency or fading on the edges.
  • Before sending, carefully inspect your images by zooming in to ensure they remain clear and sharp at the desired print size. If needed, consider utilizing tools like Vector Magic to enhance image sharpness and clarity. Please reference the tutorial video linked here on how to utilize Vector Magic for this purpose.